Using twitter data from the #4wordpedagogy hashtag I have created a semi-interactive data set. I am hoping that this means the data is now less "static". In this data model I have merely extracted the number of mentions each person has received based on the #4wordpedagogy hashtag activity. Roll your mouse over the circles to find out who they are.
I have gradually begun to take control of my own data. Having always been interested in Open Education and the extension of this to control my own data I have made a number of changes over the years to how I manage my own data & control my own technologies.
Having been involved in all of the OER Conferences (starting in Cambridge 2010) I feel like it's evolved into something quite different from where is started (and that is a good thing in case you were wondering). What started out as a conference mostly about "resources" has become a conference where we explore what it means to be open.
The challenge that exists is that we live in a digitally connected world and there is significant pressure on UK HEI's to engage in the development of digitally prepared graduates as part of the broader UK Digital Strategy. Personally, I think it is right that Universities step up to the challenge of equipping our staff & students to be confident, capable and critical users of digital tools and services in their personal, professional and leisure activities. However, this has to be carefully managed and should be a process of what I call "digital by design", rather than "digital by default".
My blog is sad and feels neglected, but I won't apologise for that. After all I don't get paid to blog, it's a value added, a plus, a personal activity. I do sometimes think that perhaps I should be blogging more but then I just get a reality check & I get over it.
Whilst the #ukoer funding established a number of high quality OER repositories over the period of funding we are now seeing some (not all) of these disappear into the ether.
If our learning technologies should change then shouldn't our roles in supporting it? A response to a post by Lawrie Phipps.
At the recent #jisccreativity event we proposed an idea for a geo-located mentoring app for (university) students. We decided it was a bit like YikYak but with a purpose.
Internet based services and companies need to keep ahead of their competition. If they don't they risk losing (my) business.
So Periscope has hit the app store. This iOS only app (for now) turns your iOS device into a portable live video broadcast system. Here are my early thoughts on how we might use it in learning & teaching.