Leadership and teamwork go hand in hand. In this post I put together some thoughts on my approach to leadership based on my own leadership development and experience. Additionally I share a charter we recently developed as a team.
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This post expands on some twitter conversations about the role of educational developer and learning technologists that was taking place on twitter. Here I discuss a model for digital support and development we are using at the University of Liverpool.
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The pandemic, for all of it's awfulness, has perhaps offered up a sliver of sliver-lining in the sense that "digital" spaces have generally become more accepted as legitimate spaces for learning and teaching.
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Should students be required to switch their cameras on?
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On Thursday 12th March 2020 we held our usual weekly staff meeting/development session in the Centre for […]
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This is the remote teaching guidance developed by colleagues in the Centre for Innovation in Education at […]
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The U.S. Marines apparently came up with the design principle "keep it simple, stupid" (KISS) hence the title of this post, and so having been reflecting on the complex nature of curriculum design (and a concern that this complexity might in fact negatively impact the quality of that curriculum) I set out to consider what curriculum development might look like if we simplified the process & expectations of it.
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Learning Technologists often have significant technological and pedagogical expertise, but to what extent does their role title affect the perception of others about what they do?
Imagine a University that values curriculum design and learning & teaching so much that they give staff significant dedicated time to lead on and undertake this activity.
When we ask teams to innovate and think differently about the way they might want to teach we end up in a chicken and egg situation