My presentation for the ICT in Education, Leeds conference exploring a conversational framework for e-learning.
At Bett Show 2015 I was invited to talk about my experience of working with both BYOD & 1to1mobile device experiences. What lessons can be learnt from these experiences?
What’s your new years resolution? People seem disappointed  when I tell them I don’t have one, so I […]
As I sit and write this post I started out with the view to just put a […]
“The Web Is A Collaborative Meaning-Making Technology” — In an earlier post I outlined my ideas for […]
Over the last few days I have been working with lots of new people that I have […]
My plan for my open course is to do a course about being open and use other […]
I love the concept behind Connected Courses which is why I am joining in, but I fell […]
For the first time in my conference attending experience I went to bed at a reasonable time […]
Day 2 started with a treat for me, an opportunity to catch up with a project I […]