Recently I was trying to explain to someone why they should tryout Springpad and why in particular they should follow my e-learning notebook:

The way I sold it to them was that they should think of my Springpad notebooks as a time saver for them. Consider this – I only put content into my notebook that I have found to be useful and practical in my daily work. My experience is that if I have found it useful then others will too.

Therefore as part of the process of finding useful stuff I search lots of places including Google and so therefore have saved others the need to do that and so this is the “really” useful stuff.

I do acknowledge a slight flaw in this – that this is based on what I find useful, but my experience has been that in the large majority of cases people do find the items in my notebooks useful. It may be that I have missed some useful stuff somewhere but that’s why it’s important that we all share things we find useful.

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