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Tools like ChatGPT provide us with many more opportunities than they do problems in education. We will need to change and adapt to it, as this is the most human thing we can do.
I am proposing that we focus on Next Generation Digital Learning and forget about the environment element for now. That's not to say they are not important (I will come on to them) but that we don't necessarily need any new environments, we just need better links and connections to the ones we have.
Nooooooooooo…………………….. I can’t believe it, my beloved Springpad is to close! I first wrote about Springpad in […]
So, you’re getting Google Apps for your school/college/business! (or maybe just thinking about it). Either way it’s […]
I was just doodling & made some social media graphics – pretty sure that I can’t use […]
A fairly superficial “round up” of the current mini tablets. Many of you will know I am […]
Recently I was trying to explain to someone why they should tryout Springpad and why in particular they should follow my […]
Next week I am presenting to a range of senior Higher Ed staff on the definition of […]
Brilliant example of using motion graphics to bring statistical data alive! If you want to inspire graphics students […]

​How do you know if your students have understood that key theory you just introduced? You could ask them to put their hands up or..............just tell them to get their phones out & text the answer to a poll!