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As part of an experiment of interviewing an AI platform I asked the questions about the potential […]
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Through a deeper understanding of modality and the value attributed to each mode we can therefore more consciously make decisions about which mode to use and why/when it is best to do so. This move towards "Conscious Modality" means that the mode becomes an important topic for discussion during curriculum design activity, alongside conversations around the subject being taught and the approaches to teaching and assessment.
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Tools like ChatGPT provide us with many more opportunities than they do problems in education. We will need to change and adapt to it, as this is the most human thing we can do.
When we assess outputs we lose the opportunity to also see the process. If the assessment was based on the inputs rather than the outputs wouldn’t that be a much better learning experience?
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What would a "digital education" collective look like? Well I've been playing with an idea so please take a look and I'd love some feedback.
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A few years ago I came across an approach to understanding oneself in a way which benefitted myself and others. The reason I am writing about it now is that it is still the single most useful analysis of who I am and what "makes me tick".
Leadership and teamwork go hand in hand. In this post I put together some thoughts on my approach to leadership based on my own leadership development and experience. Additionally I share a charter we recently developed as a team.
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This post expands on some twitter conversations about the role of educational developer and learning technologists that was taking place on twitter. Here I discuss a model for digital support and development we are using at the University of Liverpool.
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The pandemic, for all of it's awfulness, has perhaps offered up a sliver of sliver-lining in the sense that "digital" spaces have generally become more accepted as legitimate spaces for learning and teaching.
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Should students be required to switch their cameras on?