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Learning Technologists often have significant technological and pedagogical expertise, but to what extent does their role title affect the perception of others about what they do?
Imagine a University that values curriculum design and learning & teaching so much that they give staff significant dedicated time to lead on and undertake this activity.
When we ask teams to innovate and think differently about the way they might want to teach we end up in a chicken and egg situation
Strategies, action plans, guidelines, polices and frameworks are pervasive in H.E. Often the lines between them are blurred.
It's not about making everyone use digital tools for the sake of it, but asking that everyone engages in the understanding of them to make informed decisions.
Programme / Course level curriculum design is complex and should not be rushed. In this post I outline my overarching approach to this. Having supported numerous Course teams through this process in various subject areas over the years, I have consistently drawn upon Biggs’ constructive alignment model which has underpinned my approach to this work and in my experience transcends disciplines.

Having used the TPACK framework as an approach to digitally embedded academic development, I have rarely experienced […]
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OK - the rumours are true, I'm starting a new job in July at the University of Liverpool. Read for more details.
As Virtual Reality becomes more accessible (in terms of development and consumption) what might the future hold for university estate strategies?