What does “blended learning” mean ? Over the past few months colleagues and I have been increasingly […]
So, you’re getting Google Apps for your school/college/business! (or maybe just thinking about it). Either way it’s […]
Last week was just “one of those weeks” so my moocing was limited. But I suppose that’s […]
OK so here I am, MOOC number 4 (well more like 3.2). The previous MOOC I enrolled […]
I have undertaken 3 MOOCs over the last 18 months, partly to scope any potential MOOC development […]
So here I am sat at an indoor skatepark watching my son (and about 20 other kids […]

 Imagine having to drag them away from the school work to play on the PS3? I am not for one moment suggestion this would ever be the case, but there is much to learn from the way games motivate users to want to do better, learn more and try harder.

Somedays you venture on the web and pick up gems of information or “golden nuggets” as often […]
Next week I am presenting to a range of senior Higher Ed staff on the definition of […]
I passed! But what does it really mean? I am intrigued by the trend in MOOCs (Massively […]