Somedays you venture on the web and pick up gems of information or “golden nuggets” as often the ADE community call them.

Its these nuggets which you want everyone to see/hear/read. Well I have found one of those today, in the form of this video.

I have long been an admirer of Sir Ken Robinson and in particular his TED Talk on Schools Killing Creativity and the subsequent RSA Animate version. His presentation style is uniquely hypnotic, no visual aids required here and more importantly for me his values and commentary are so grounded in common sense that it is frustrating his ideals have had limit political impact in the education sector.

This particular talk is broader than his educational paradigm commentary but is still uniquely aligned with his own life experiences and the observations that inform his eloquently presented prose. A particular highlight for me is his logic that everyone is born with  talent – it’s just whether we are ever given the opportunity to realise it that define us on this journey we call life.

We should know the limits of our knowledge

— Sir Ken Robinson for The School of Life at Conway Hall, London, UK 13th March

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