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Tools like ChatGPT provide us with many more opportunities than they do problems in education. We will need to change and adapt to it, as this is the most human thing we can do.
This post is a text only copy of a guest blog I did for UCLan Centre for […]
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The SPaM framework is an adaptation of the TPACK framework with a shift from technology to modality in support of Hybrid Education.
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I recently posted a short survey on twitter asking for experiences of teaching in a 'hyflex' mode with students simultaneously in person and joining remotely. This is a summary of the findings.
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Should students be required to switch their cameras on?
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This is the remote teaching guidance developed by colleagues in the Centre for Innovation in Education at […]
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The U.S. Marines apparently came up with the design principle "keep it simple, stupid" (KISS) hence the title of this post, and so having been reflecting on the complex nature of curriculum design (and a concern that this complexity might in fact negatively impact the quality of that curriculum) I set out to consider what curriculum development might look like if we simplified the process & expectations of it.
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Learning Technologists often have significant technological and pedagogical expertise, but to what extent does their role title affect the perception of others about what they do?
At Bett Show 2015 I was invited to talk about my experience of working with both BYOD & 1to1mobile device experiences. What lessons can be learnt from these experiences?
Following on from this blog post:  /www.flippedacademic.co.uk/ippedacademic.co.uk/2014/03/what-is-blended-learning-some-help.html I would like to thank those who commented or contacted […]