A fairly superficial “round up” of the current mini tablets. Many of you will know I am […]
Recently I was trying to explain to someone why they should tryout Springpad and why in particular they should follow my […]
Next week I am presenting to a range of senior Higher Ed staff on the definition of […]
I passed! But what does it really mean? I am intrigued by the trend in MOOCs (Massively […]
Brilliant example of using motion graphics to bring statistical data alive! If you want to inspire graphics students […]
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EPIC 2020, stands for the proposition that the education of the world will change dramatically for the better during this decade. This movie suggests what education will be like in 2020.

​How do you know if your students have understood that key theory you just introduced? You could ask them to put their hands up or..............just tell them to get their phones out & text the answer to a poll!

​Finally iOS 6 brings to the iPhone & iPad the most wanted feature ever (well in my opinion).

At last I can properly manage the space I have on the devices & see what's using it all up​!

I have been a fan of Springpad since I first came across it. Here I set out 10 ways in which it could be used in education. Think of Springpad as a bit of a cross between Evernote & Pinterest