Is Google+ a Facebook killer? For those of us who use Facebook as a personal & professional space it certainly could be. Officially, having more than one Facebook account breaches their terms and conditions but I know a few people who do it to keep the personal & professional interactions separate.

Personally I have one account for both but I have locked down what people see.

In Google+ they have identified this as an issue and developed the idea of “circles”. You place people you connect with into circles (e.g friends/family/work or any other circles you create).

You then put people into these circles. You can then choose which circles to share items with (or release it publicly).

I can see real benefits to this not just for separating work from social activities (which I think will be the biggest draw for many) but for also creating interest groups. For example I enjoy educational technologies but my family aren’t as interested about that but it still shows up as “noise” in their Facebook from my status updates.

In Google+ I can choose not to share that interest with them and thus keep that “noise” out of their streams.

I see lots of potential with Google+ and for me it could be a real Facebook alternative (well as soon as everyone else starts using it!!).


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