About SciCast

SciCast is four things:

  1. A competition to get children, young people, teachers, parents, science communicators and science/engineering/technology professionals all making short films about practical science.
  2. A web resource of all those movies, for the use and amusement of everyone involved, and particularly for schools.
  3. A platform to help other science engagement projects share their work with a wider audience.
  4. A discussion about whose responsibility it is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers with entertaining science-related material.

Winners, 2008

SciCast is a big project, involving several events regionally and nationally, dozens of schools, and thousands of individuals. Getting your head around it can be a bit daunting. If you’re feeling daunted, try watching a film. If you didn’t like that one, try another.

When you’re ready to find out more about the background to SciCast — how it came to be, what it’s all about, and what it’s all about really — come back here again, and explore some of the following links.

Alternatively, if you’d rather find out about the SciCast Awards, click through to that section of this site.

  • History — how SciCast started, and why we think it’s important
  • Supporters — SciCast’s friends and funders
  • Feedback — from previous contributors and winners

As part of a funded project with 3 colleagues we have been working today with students at Priory School & Sports College in Barnsley to film and edit some science videos. Some fantastic results in just the 4 hours we were with them – check back on the Scicast site to see them!

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