Open is Messy & That’s OK. #oer16

Having been involved in all of the OER Conferences (starting in Cambridge 2010) I feel like it’s evolved into something quite different from where is started (and that is a good thing in case you were wondering). What started out as a conference mostly about “resources” has become a conference where we explore what it means to be open.

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An Open Marriage

It’s the day after the night before………what a great couple of days. Meeting good friends, making new ones and catching up on all the gossip. Some brilliant speakers and entertainment and a delightful meal with plenty of conversation and wonderful surroundings……….. This opening sentence wouldn’t be out of place in a blog about attending a […]

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MOOC Musing

I have undertaken 3 MOOCs over the last 18 months, partly to scope any potential MOOC development ideas and also to explore the concepts and theories behind MOOCs, but also for my own professional development. My most recent MOOC sign up is the OLDS MOOC – which is the JISC funded MOOC led by […]

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