I count myself as very fortunate to be part of such a passionate community that is the Association of National Teaching Fellows. This years annual symposium was once again a tapestry of rich discussion, critical thought and exchange of ideas
Having been involved in all of the OER Conferences (starting in Cambridge 2010) I feel like it's evolved into something quite different from where is started (and that is a good thing in case you were wondering). What started out as a conference mostly about "resources" has become a conference where we explore what it means to be open.
The challenge that exists is that we live in a digitally connected world and there is significant pressure on UK HEI's to engage in the development of digitally prepared graduates as part of the broader UK Digital Strategy. Personally, I think it is right that Universities step up to the challenge of equipping our staff & students to be confident, capable and critical users of digital tools and services in their personal, professional and leisure activities. However, this has to be carefully managed and should be a process of what I call "digital by design", rather than "digital by default".
I feel a little bit like the OERxx Conference has perhaps come of age. My Take on OER15.
My presentation for the ICT in Education, Leeds conference exploring a conversational framework for e-learning.
For the first time in my conference attending experience I went to bed at a reasonable time […]
Day 2 started with a treat for me, an opportunity to catch up with a project I […]
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