So I stumbled upon this through the Google Chrome web marketplace. I have spent about 5 days with it and I think I like it better than Evernote!

Now that’s saying something because I think Evernote is a great product – so what do I like?

Well they say never judge a book by it’s cover – but unfortunately this looks too good to ignore. I love the feeling that this has, it’s more graphical and feels less formal. Obviously though it’s no good if it doesn’t deliver – but this does. It’s easy to create “notebooks” and place your notes/ideas etc in them.

You can add notes, tasks (with checklists) and even look things up on the web (such as movies) to add. But what I really love about it is that it can clip from the web with a book marklet.

With the uncertainty of Delicious (i.e. it’s apparent demise) this provides a real book marking alternative. It has all the tagging functionality of delicious as well as location based notes/bookmarking.

To top it all it is web based (this may be good or bad depedning on whwther you prefer installing a local application) but for me it means flexibility. In the Chrome browser it will even allow you to work offline by local caching your notes and also has a Chrome extension (which I prefer to the bookmarklet). As with all good ideas these days it’s also in app form for iOS & Android.

You can choose to make the notes public too (including via RSS feed) great for sharing the Christmas lists with the family.

Above all it’s FREE, but I am not sure of the business model so better heep my Evernote account active for now just in case.


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