Chef Henry hits the big time with his instant app

Finally a 90 second video showing you how to make an app in 60 seconds…

New Site, new Video!

Watch how Chef Henry becomes world famous with an iPhone app he made in 60 seconds on his computer.

Cute animation mixed with real stuff entirely shot on an iPhone hilariously explains how an app will improve your life…


AppCat for Windows released – Save!

AppCat now for Windows and for Mac

Introductory Sale: 50% OFF

Yeah. We gave in…
Now you can make your instant apps on Windows at the office, then refine them on your Mac at home with AppCat Studio for Mac, while App.Cat Pro for iPhone gives you ultimate on-the-go control. All versions talk to each other so your apps are always up to date no matter where you are.

Get App.Cat Studio for Windows or Mac for HALF THE PRICE.


App making goes even more mobile

It has been a wild 3 months on iTunes and its fat little brother app store. Thousands of small businesses made their own apps with App.Cat PRO– the James Bond rendition of our app factory, allowing you to make apps directly on your iPhone.

Our nifty mobile version for app creation and maintenance on the go underwent a huge update and still awaits Apple’s final inspection…Hmmmmm.
We’ll be offering an HTML5 version of App.Cat PRO distributed just like our apps: Independent and instant. It’ll allow us to push updates to you much faster.

And we’re cooking up an Android version because everyone loves to make an iPhone app on an Android device, right?

Get App.Cat PRO for iPhone and iPod touch from the app store.


App.Cat is for everyone

Even dogs love it! Create, edit, and share apps without programmers, designers, yearly fees, iTunes accounts or lengthy approval processes. Make as many apps as you can gift or sell.
Apps for everyone!

60 seconds to make and share an app is a tough feature to beat…
Watch how it’s done on your PC, Mac, or iPhone and SAVE 50% for 72 hours right here.


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